What we do

As ”Your Mates in Transport”, we are here to deliver unparalleled freight management services consistently and enable you to do what you do best – concentrating on your core strengths and fostering business growth. Our comprehensive approach to freight management brings you exceptional customer support, cutting-edge technology, a network of reliable carriers, and ongoing advisory services.

Our Solutions

We are experts in the Australian Road and Air Freight market. We don’t compromise on quality and only partner with organisations that truly understand the benefits of a great freight management solution. By consistently providing great freight management we help our customers focus on what they do best, help them grow their business and impact their bottom line. 


We provide the technology, the carriers, the customer support, one reconciled invoice for all your shipments and the ongoing advice. All you have to do is get your freight ready, we will do the rest. 

  • If your freight needs are complex and require a personalised solution, our team will tailor a customised logistics solution to maximise network performance and reliability – providing your organisation with a service-driven competitive advantage. We utilise industry-leading technology and processes to optimise visibility, improve communication,  manage risks, and generate efficiencies.


    What makes us unique is our relentless focus on crafting personalised solutions that cater to each client’s individual needs.


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  • Exceptional customer service is at the core of our solution. If you have a query with us, more than likely your customer is waiting. We understand the urgency which is why we are leading the Australian freight market with our Customer Support Promise – 9.9.Never!


    Your call answered within 9 seconds.


    Your email replied within 9 minutes.


    You will NEVER have to follow us up on the same issue twice.


    Our promise provides you with certainty and security unseen in the Logistics industry.

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  • Do you have mission-critical shipments that cannot fail? Feel safe and secure with our Clique Travel Guarantee. Come to us with the problem and we will provide the solution underpinned with our money-back guarantee. 


    This service, handcrafted on a case-by-case basis to fit your needs is managed end to end – and is underpinned by the strongest DIFOT in the industry. 

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  • Clique Logistics proudly partners with FreightSafe and FreightInsure – providing our customers with complete coverage options on all shipments booked through Clique Logistics.


    Our FreightSafe Warranty (FSW) program allows you to claim up to $1,000 on any shipments that may be lost or damaged in transit.


    For higher value shipments, our partnership with FreightInsure allows our customers to take out additional cover up to $50,000, providing peace of mind that their consignments are protected.


    **Terms and Conditions apply to the FreightSafe and FreightInsure Warranties.

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  • At Clique Logistics, we offer a freight management system in the form of MachShip to help you harness the power of cutting-edge tools and systems allowing you to turn freight and logistics from a cost centre into an opportunity to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in your industry. 


    Put simply, Machship provides its users with the benefits of one single system to book, track, and manage shipments – providing a single source of truth for your freight and logistics activities. 

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  • With a commitment to providing you with a 10/10 customer experience in all interactions, we empower your team with in-depth analytics designed specifically for you. Whether it’s support, service or simply exceeding expectations.

    We pull apart our performance and yours. We report on opportunities and risks (before they occur) then make suggestions on what we should do next.

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  • At Clique Logistics, we are all about enhancing your supply chain operations through optimising your carrier network. This ensures your operations run at peak efficiency, employing advanced technology and industry expertise to develop a robust freight network that improves delivery times and provides unbeatable reliability.


    We adapt your network to keep pace with the ever-changing market and customer expectations, offering you a competitive edge and loyal customers.

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  • Supply chain disruptions can cause some serious headaches for your business – that is why we are proactive in our approach to Risk Management. We’re here to help you spot, evaluate, and tackle potential risks before they mess with your daily operations. 


    Our team uses a holistic approach to risk management, not only managing Chain of Responsibility obligations for our customers, but also other operational challenges including natural disasters, peak delivery periods, market fluctuations and technology-related disruptions. 

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What our clients say

  • ”They are responsive when it comes to getting back to me, there are no lines of demarcation and whatever you want them to look at, they are more than happy to work with you on it. They are also flexible and honest so there are never any surprises.”

  • ”The team is just fantastic. They’re the best with their communication and are always on the ball taking care of things for me. The first time I ever had an issue when a truck didn’t turn up, I was so stressed and they just told me to stop worrying and that this was what they do, so that was great.”

  • ”They are really good overall, they provide excellent customer service and they do so at a very good level. When we have issues come up, they handle them really well as they are efficient in coming back with a solution. I can see that they go out of their way to get any issue resolved for us. Since we have started using Clique Logistics, we don’t use anyone else and that’s because they know what we need and we also have a good relationship.”

  • “They are very quick and responsive whenever we send through our queries…they are very fast. They also follow up on things when they are urgent which I think is good.”

  • ”They have delivered on everything they have promised. Whenever we have any issues we contact them about, they always come back to us about it, so we never have to chase them up. Their follow-up is great and they always give me the updates first, which is always a bonus for me.”

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