Freight Management System

We are partnered with the market leaders in freight management system – MachShip.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of technology in optimising logistics processes cannot be overstated. At Clique Logistics, we partner with MachShip, an innovative and advanced freight management system poised to revolutionise your logistics operations.

MachShip serves as a centralised freight management solution, eliminating the need to juggle multiple carrier portals. It brings a consistent and efficient approach to your operations.

What’s more, our partnership with MachShip connects us with over 100 high-quality carriers nationwide, as well as a range of popular Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and E-commerce platforms. 

MachShip allows you to effortlessly streamline freight dispatch and tracking management into a unified platform, resulting in significant time savings in administrative and customer service tasks.


By seamlessly integrating MachShip into your supply chain, you gain access to real-time visibility, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced automation. Machship also reduces invoice discrepancies and saves money with its powerful reconciliation engine.

With Clique Logistics and MachShip as your logistics partners, your supply chain gains agility and competitiveness.

Ready to see it in action? Contact us today for a demo, and let’s explore how our partnership with MachShip can help improve your bottom line. We’re here to make logistics as friendly and efficient as possible for you!