Continuous Improvement


In logistics, complacency is the enemy of progress. When you partner with Clique Logistics, you can rest assured that our in-house Freight Continuous Improvement experts are constantly looking for ways to make your freight run even more efficiently and smoother. This dedicated team regularly checks out your processes and operations, finding spots where we can make things even more efficient and innovative.

Our approach to efficient continuous improvement is personalised to your business, we dive into the data and assess your DIFOT performance as a whole, but also break this down to provide visibility on your network’s performance to your biggest customers and most important delivery states. Clique Logistic’s commitment is to provide recommendations to continually add value to your supply chain network.

As a minimum we provide:

  • A Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Pro-active reviewing of data to efficiently drive improvements
  • Provide DIFOT by carrier, customer, lane or any metric as needed
  • Route optimisation, Proof of Delivery and Tracking Performance statistics

With our culture of efficient continuous improvement, you’ll be ahead of the curve in your industry. By teaming up with Clique Logistics, you’ll enjoy ongoing enhancements that bring better experiences for your customers and give you a competitive edge that’s tough to beat.

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