Personalised Freight Solutions

Personalised Freight Solutions

We are experts in Australia’s Road and Air Freight market. Quality is our non-negotiable, and we team up with organisations that truly get the value of outstanding personalised freight solutions. By consistently delivering exceptional freight management, we free our clients to focus on what they excel at, empowering them to grow and boost their bottom line. For businesses in search of comprehensive, personalised freight solutions, Clique Logistics is here with tailored end-to-end logistics management that covers every inch of your supply chain.


With us, think of our team as an extension of your own, fully dedicated to reaching your unique goals. Thanks to a custom solution from Clique Logistics, you can put your energy into your core business while we handle the complexities of freight management, ensuring peak performance and happy customers. This all-inclusive approach guarantees that every aspect of your supply chain is fine-tuned and in sync with your strategic objectives, creating a seamless and efficient experience for your organisation and your cherished customers.


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  • We invest time in getting to know your freight requirements and making an effort to understand your business by actively engaging with all the key stakeholders.


  • We will create a personalised solution designed to fit your current and future business needs. We’ll also demonstrate how this tailored approach can support your growth and boost your profitability and accelerate your competitive advantage in your industry. 

  • We fine-tune your freight and shipping operations, ensuring these are fully optimised to perform. Our team handles the setup of technology and tools, manages integrations, provides training and support, and empowers your team with the knowledge and skills to feel confident and capable.

  • We maintain constant contact and support you every step of the way, exercising our 9.9.Never!™ promise.


    Exceptional customer service is at the core of our solution. If you have a query with us, more than likely your customer is waiting. We understand the urgency which is why we are leading the Australian freight market with our Customer Support Promise – 9.9.Never!


    Your call answered within 9 seconds.


    Your email replied within 9 minutes.


    You will NEVER have to follow us up on the same issue twice.


    Our promise provides you with certainty and security unseen in the Logistics industry.