About Us

Our Approach

Our approach is based on being “Your Mates in Transport” and delivering on our mission “Delight Our Customer”.


If you have a straightforward freight profile but need great service and want freight management made easy, you can get started straight away!


If your needs are a bit more complex, our team will spend time with your stakeholders and take a complex problem and turn it into a fully integrated, simplified solution. 


Either way, we will get you up and running and experiencing the Clique Logistics difference!

Our Story

Starting in 2013, three mates decided to take the best bits of what they had learnt from the industry and leave the questionable parts behind. From this basic philosophy, Clique Logistics was created.


Fast forward 10+ years and being an established brand in the Australian market, we are no longer looking to be another player in the game, we are changing it!


Having realised that the freight industry in Australia has long held a reputation of somewhere between mediocre and poor, we have been on a journey of discovery and looked to other markets to truly understand what a great Customer Experience should look like.


We are now taking these learnings to market and leading the way with our great Freight Management Solutions. 

Our values

    • We treat you with honesty, integrity and respect
    • We make decisions that are the right thing for all stakeholders
    • We are transparent and don’t charge hidden fees
    • We measure what matters
    • We are independently audited annually
    • We incentivise and reward excellence in our team
    • We find “wins” for you and celebrate the shared success
    • Anniversaries are a big deal, so we don’t work on our birthdays
    • We high-five regularly 
    • We provide opportunities for our people and take pride in their success
    • Sharing our success is important, so we support, donate and sponsor various organisations
    • We find out what will make a genuine impact for our customers, then we execute
    • Our trademarked “9.9.Never!”™ customer support promise leads the market for Customer Experience
    • We drive outcomes – fast!
    • We communicate regularly and provide actual insights