So – What Does Your Customer Service Team Actually Do?

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September 1, 2023

We’re so glad you asked!

Welcome to a day in the Support Office!

Our Support Team works across split shifts with slightly different duties to ensure we can meet our high customer service standards (please see A new standard of service! if you want to learn more about this) but a typical day in the office normally looks something like this…

From 7:00am (SA time!) we’ll jump right into your emails, answer any calls, and check scanning for those urgent consignments. We have a few reports done every morning as well – we check for missed collections, book in any jobs that need to be done manually, and ensure that we’re set up for the busiest part of the day: other company phone lines opening!

Throughout the bulk of the day we ensure that freight is travelling where it should be, stopped where we want it, and delivered when it needs to be. Our office is a hive of activity and you’ll normally be lucky to catch the whole team available at the same time! The day always includes quotes and bookings for new jobs, monitoring urgent consignments, and looking for better booking options to save our customers money where we can.

By the end of the day we action more reports to ensure freight has been collected and to keep an eye out for those that look like they may not go as planned so we can put back ups in place and reach out to those involved. We have staff on until 6:30pm to ensure that all of Australia can reach us until close of business – no matter where you are.

Give us a call or reach out to our Support Team today to see us in action!

  • Business news