A New Standard of Service!

We all know the pain of reaching out to a company when you need an urgent outcome and waiting on hold for what feels like an hour, or sending an email and getting a reply days later when the problem has resolved itself.

So what do we do differently, and why does it matter?

At Clique our customer service is guided by the 9.9.Never principle, influenced by the ‘10 Commandments of Customer Service’ by Darrell Hardidge. Quite simply:

  • Phone calls picked up within 9 seconds,
  • Emails answered within 9 minutes, and
  • You will never follow us up twice on the same issue.

We track this every week and hold ourselves accountable when these standards aren’t met. Our Customer Service Team follow up with carriers without prompting, and we anticipate the next step where we can – for instance, if you’ve flagged an urgent delivery with an anxious customer, we’ll reach out for proof of delivery so you know the job is done right!

Please reach out to our Support Team regarding your freight – we can’t wait to chat soon!

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