Unlocking Customer Experience!

When it comes to Customer Experience, Everything Speaks!

Everyone talks about CX, but few truly understand it or know how to apply it in their businesses. At it’s core, it first starts by everyone in the organisation understanding that Customer Experience is everyone’s responsibility. It is not just Customer Service or Account Managers who are responsible for CX. It’s everyone.

Here a 6 key points to consider when improving CX in your organisation –

  • Understand your customer’s needs. Do you truly understand their expectations, preferences and pain points or are you expecting them to just fit into what suits you?
  • Personalization. Once you truly understand the needs of your customer, personalizing your service offering is crucial. Are the analytics you provide useful to them or this just what you give to everyone else?
  • Seamless Experience across all touchpoints. Often organisations focus on Customer Service or their Product but often don’t consider everything single touch point. Is every touch point your customers have with you providing them with a great experience? Remember, everything speaks!
  • Clear Communication. Are you using terminology that your customers understand or is it too technical? Keep your communication simple, clear and make sure resources are available to communicate as needed.
  • Empathy and understanding. Just because you have dealt with the same problem a hundred times, it doesn’t mean your customer has. This is the first time they are experiencing the problem so treat them with care. Use language that shows you are feeling the pain as much as they are and act with urgency.
  • Speed and efficiency. Time is our most valuable commodity. Don’t leave your customers waiting. Sounds simple but plenty of organisations do!

    If you would like to learn more about how we have imbedded these principles into our Freight Management Solutions. Get in touch today!

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